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Hard Drive - Not Installed on Dell Diagnostics. After a restart, returns back to normal


We are currently running around 200 XPS13 and 15s (9550).

We are starting to see a trend of BSODs where we get a random STORE_EXCEPTION BSOD, the laptop will restart itself and open Dell Diagnostics where it will state "Hard Drive - Not Installed". After a manual restart, the laptop returns to the login screen as normal.

The bizarre thing if that this is totally random where people can get it once a month, once a week or never at all. But from 200 people, I see it is a daily occurrence to at least one person.

This started happening after the Windows 10 anniversary update. Other than that, we cannot pinpoint the issue.

Speaking to Dell, they have suggested, update the BIOS (did not solve, we went through 3 BIOS versions already), HD replacement (did not solve, same problem) and standard Dell command updates (did not solve).

This must be some sort of Driver/Software issue. Is there anything that can trigger such a message in the Dell Diag that is not hardware related?

Please let me know if you require any more information and thanks in advanced!!