Hard Drive issues

I recently updated the BIOS on my XPS 8910 to 1.1.9. When it restarted from this BIOS update it halted with a Drive 0 error 151 incorrect status 3E SMART Prediction Failure. I continued from this point and Windows started normally. I had never hard a problem with this Disk prior to the BIOS update. So I ran the Hard disk test from Dell Support Assist and this found no problem. I downloaded a program CrystalDiskInfo, which reads the SMART data from hard drives, this found so problem. Finally I downloaded SeaTools for Windows, its a 2TB Seagate drive, and ran through every test they provide, including a SMART test and a 4 hour comprehensive hard drive test and again it found absolutely no problems with the drive. The error 151 problem occurs on every start up, however 3 other programs including one from Dell, and Seagate's own comprehensive drive test suite find no problem Any Ideas anyone?

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