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Hard drive failure warning

Every time I start my computer (xps One 27, service tag # <Service Tag Removed>) I get this notice: "Notice – Hard drive self-monitoring system has reported that a parameter has exceeded its normal operating range. Dell recommends that you back up your data regularly. A parameter out of range may or may not indicate a potential hard drive problem. Strike F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility." Intel Rapid Storage Technologies shows an "at-risk SMART event" in "SATA_array_0001." (See picture.) What does that mean? Is a "SATA array" the same as an SSD drive? My computer came with a HHD and an SSD (according to service tag specifications): “2TB 5400 rpm hard drive + 3268 M.2 SATA SSD cache.” But I can't find any solid state hard drive in Device Manager or in my system information utility (see picture). Dell parts does not list a 32GB ssd for my service tag number, only a 256GB and 512GB SSD. So how do I fix this hard drive problem? I can't even turn off the notice: my BIOS setup utility (just updated) has no hard drive diagnostics or SMART settings. My chkdsk utility came back clean. I am willing to upgrade to a 256GB SSD if this will solve the problem, but does my computer even have a slot for an SSD? Is the "SATA array" just a virtual drive partitioned on my main hard drive? How can I solve this problem?Screenshot (119).pngScreenshot (122).png 

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I had the same issue with my XPS 2720 All in One. I simply removed the 32GB SSD from the motherboard and ran Windows 10 off the additional 2TB SATA drive and no more errors on boot up. Good Luck.

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