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Help needed RAID1 Volume

Hello, i am new here and have a problem which i hope someone can help with !!

I have a Dimension E520 which i recently upgraded to Windows 7. I then installed a new 3TB HDD as my second (non booting) drive. Then discovered it only showed 746 GB. After researching, i installed Intels Rapid Storage Technolgy and did some configuring - without really knowing what !. Now my problem begins. I now have both my HDDs showing as a RAID1 Volume, and only one HDD is showing in my explorer.

What can i do to get both HDDs showing seperately again ? If so is this done in the BIOS ?

Or do i have to completey reinstall my system ?

Any help greatly appreciated - if possible in as non technical terms as i am no computer scientist  !

Many thanks in advance.

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RE: Help needed RAID1 Volume

Hi Shamrock105,

What you messed up falls under that part about "did some configuring". emoticon.BigSmile.title No, you do not need to reinstall the operating system.

Open the Intel RST and click the Create button and you should be able to configure the added drive for non-RAID use. 

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