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How to resolve code 45 error for Dvd/cd driver


My laptop model is Dell Inspiron 3542.Recently, I am unable to play cd's in my system. The folder is not appearing in file explorer and when I have checked the same in device manager it is showing the message as stated.."Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45).To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer"

Kindly please help me in this regard.


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RE: How to resolve code 45 error for Dvd/cd driver


Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.

Below link has the instructions on how to remove and reset the optical drive on the system (Page 19):


Was there any recent updates done on this system?

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RE: How to resolve code 45 error for Dvd/cd driver

I have the same problem, intermittently, but it's got nothing to do with the drive or any of the hardware. The drive is perfectly fine, in fact, I used it yesterday to burn a music CD. The problem is with Windows, which somehow loses track of the drive and thinks it's no longer connected. If I reboot, the problem disappears for a while and the drive performs normally. Eventually, I'll get a message about an SATA drive getting disconnected and the DVD/CD drive "disappears." And if again I reboot, everything goes back to normal, without making any changes to the hardware or BIOS.

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Re: How to resolve code 45 error for Dvd/cd driver

Did you get a fix/solution from the Dell expert for the "disappearing DVD/CD drive"/Code 45 issue?  You posted in 2017, and I haven't seen any effective/definitive answer from Dell or Microsoft experts in similar forum posts through today/2019.  If you have added information please share -- I/others would greatly appreciate it!

My case:  Two weeks ago I installed the new "1903" update for Windows 10 on my 2014 Dell Inspiron 17-5748, with a HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU90N drive.  I use the drive to occasionally play/burn standard CDs from my old collection, or watch an older codec DVD.  I hadn't used the drive for about 2 months, but in doing so this week experienced the "hidden drive" error code 45 issue.  I've carefully executed all the "solutions" suggested by Dell & Microsoft experts over the years (uninstalled/re-installed the drivers, disconnected/reconnected the drive, ran the newest diagnostic/fix tools, etc.), plus today installed the new cumulative update for "1903".  After doing a driver uninstall/reboot the drive will appear in File Explorer and even briefly show the CD inserted, but the drive becomes "hidden" again after I try to run the CD or do anything further (the drive will spin, is clean, and appears in AOK shape).  The drive then shows only in Device Manager/View/Show Hidden Devices.

I can or will try rolling-back to the previous version of Windows, but wanted to check with you/others first:  is it the drive or more likely Windows?  I've never had problems before with Windows 10 major updates, and wish to ultimately stick with the latest version for other reasons.  I have an external Pioneer BDR-XD05B that uses Cyberlink Power DVD software with the latest codecs, and that works fine as you'd expect.  In its sales material Cyberlink points to Window's dropping support for Windows Media Player and on up to the present:  "Unfortunately, Windows 10 no longer supports H.265/HEVC video playback (doesn't even support Blu-ray disc & DVD), so you may have playback issues if you want to play these files on your PC."  Forget Blu-ray and newer codecs:  I simply want to play/burn my old CDs.  So: is the reason I can't play even old CDs on the HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GU90N due to the "1903" update and non-support for the drivers, codecs, or something else?

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Re: How to resolve code 45 error for Dvd/cd driver

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