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How to set installed SSD as main boot device in Windows 10


(Sysinfo, BIOS screen above)

I have installed my SSD successfully and cloned my windows 10 installation from my HDD to the drive. All I need to do is set up my SSD to be my main boot device. I f12 into the BIOS and try to set the boot order like I have on countless other PCs in my lifetime, but I cannot set my SSD as the boot device as you can see in the above BIOS screenshot.

Why is this?

Does it have something to do with secure boot control in the BIOS menu? When I click on hard disk drivers in the BOOT screen, I only have Windows Boot Manager and Disabled as my options, and not my hard drives...

I've been butting heads with Windows 10 and my BIOS for some time now, and I'd really like to get this figured out and move on!

Thank you tremendously for any assistance!

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RE: How to set installed SSD as main boot device in Windows 10


You may need to disable secure boot to be able to see the SSD as a bootable drive.  (Is BIOS providing info on the drive such as make & model, so you know it's reading the drive correctly?)

This video, How to properly configure the SSD as boot drive and HDD as storage drive, may have the information that you need.   

If that doesn't work please give us more information on your system (model number) and the make / model of SSD that you are trying to install as the boot drive, and we'll see what other info that we can provide.


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Re: How to set installed SSD as main boot device in Windows 10

To set SSD as the boot drive in Windows 10, you have to connect the SSD to your computer, then migrate your Windows operating system to the SSD without losing any data on it with the help of iSumsoft Cloner. Finally, access to the BIOS/UEFI Setup menu to place your SSD first in the device boot order. So that boot the computer from the SSD. That's it!


Move Windows 10 OEM from a HDD to an SSD.png

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