Inspiron 1420 DVD+CD Drive Problems

The DVD+CD drive in my Inspiron 1420, a TSST TS-L632H, is garbage.

It makes all kinds of noises when running, doesn't recognize new discs, won't create discs that can be used, etc etc etc.

I am running the latest Dell drivers and firmware.

What recourse do I have to get this problem fixed ???  Any help from anyone is most appreciated.

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Re: Inspiron 1420 DVD+CD Drive Problems

Hi, Schmitman:

All optical drives use the same generic drivers, so that's almost never the problem.

It would be helpful if you were a bit more specific about the problems you are having. For example:

1. Are you able to read both CD-ROM and DVD-ROM discs?

2. What burning program are you using to burn discs? What is happening or not when you burn a disc?

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Re: Inspiron 1420 DVD+CD Drive Problems

Hi schmitman ,

I'm not sure what is the firmware version your notebook having but if you want to confirm your CD/DVD drive correct firmware and version, try this :

*FOR XP= Right click on My Computer->Manage->Computer Management->Device Manager->Look for DVD/CD-ROM drives

This should tell you which type and model DVD/CD-ROM drive you having. Double click on the drive list down, go to Details and select Device Instance Id

This will tell you the model and the current firmware version installed.

Try to download the Firmware for your Rom, please follow exactly the Installation Instructions from the page.

http://ftp.us.dell.com/rmsd/R205571.EXE For Vista or XP are the same.


Let me know if this helped you.



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Re: Inspiron 1420 DVD+CD Drive Problems


I have the inspiron 1520 & have the same drive as meintioned above.

I am able to detect standard roms such as supplied by the dell & ubbuntu free cd. Also one version of cd rom of mosear bear company that is mosera bear pro, but unable to play the another version of the same company, also the media supplied by the sony.

I upgraded my firmware to version d600, also my drive passes all the test like, confidence test, seek test etc.


pl solve my problem

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Re: Inspiron 1420 DVD+CD Drive Problems

Thanks for the help guys.

OK, 1st: running Vista Home Premium ~ installed and running D600 update (as suggested here also) ~ deleted "lower filter" (also suggested here / no upper filter listed).

Drive will read older discs with data on them.     Drive doesn't recognize new discs.  No auto-start.  Try to format, says insert a disc into drive.

Roxio Creator doesn't work with the drive either.  Says insert a disc into drive.

This drive never has worked the way a DVD-CD drive should work.  Always has been noisy, rattles, and discs made using it can't be read on other computers.  It also worked sometimes and other times not lolol.   Very temperamental.

Sorry, don't have the links, but C-Net, PC World and others have forums that also trash this drive.

I believe it was C-Net that did a review article on the drive and the advice was "don't buy a computer with this drive". lololol

I do appreciate the help you all have offered.  Thank you all very much !!!

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