Inspiron 24-3455 AIO. SSD instead HDD. Hope for final solution.

First of all I want to admit that this is not the first discussion about changing HDD to SSD in Inspiron 24-3455 AIO. And I know that, and I have read many of them. But not many of that discussions helped in all cases.

So, I hope that my discussion will be unique, helpful and final.

HDD pre-installed in Inspiron 24-3455 AIO: Toshiba MQ01ABD100; OS: Win10 HE. Totally healthy, but works a lot slower comparing to SSD.
SSD for upgrade: Samsung 860 Evo-Series 500GB 2.5" SATA III V-NAND TLC (MZ-76E500BW). Totally healthy, checked by other PC.

What have i tried:

1) Simple cloning using Samsung Data Migration tool. HDD in its native place, SSD was connected by adapter Grand-X HDD 2.5" SATA/mSATA (HDC-24) instead ODD. After the process is done ant PC off SSD was placed instead HDD (physically). And simple start without any BIOS manipulations. FAILED
2) Same as in attempt 1, but in BIOS I made next actions. Changed boot options to UEFI, than back. Secure boot enabled/disabled; I tried different combinations of all available and changeable options in BIOS. ALL FAILED
3) Than I  added to previous actions an option "Add new boot option" trying different files from the lists available. ALL FAILED
4) Fresh OS installation using 100% healthy USB Flash Drive and OS Image downloaded directly from microsoft site using their USB Image tool. FAILED. After changing boot priority USB didn't even loaded.
5) Dell OS Recovery Tool to create a USB recovery drive to use for reinstallation the Windows. SSD was formatted and was "fresh and clean". The tool successfully detected SSD and diagnosed it as healthy and ready for OS installation. It started  but failed on 6% of process. Couple of times. FAILED
6) Same as in 6, but SSD had a cloned OS on it and this time I have chosen Repair option. It repaired boot files, structure, something else, I don't remember, sorry. Well, it repaired all it had in its options. I double-checked (repaired) SSD and OS on it. Started and ... yes - FAILED

I tried all of above for 5 days. And I gave up. 

So, for now I want to ask any DELL employee to write an exact instruction how to upgrade my Inspiron 24-3455 AIO with SSD as main disk with stable OS on it. DO NOT link me to any other discussions. Write  the instruction here - STEP BY STEP.

Because for now it seems that DELL is not interested in solving this problem. And almost  everyone who is going to upgrade their old slow desktop/laptop will just spend money on SSD and have as a result the same old slow PC.