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Inspiron 3910 DVD drive internal

Accidentally purchased this unit w/o the DVD.  Does the PC include any mounting hardware (in the case they want to add a DVD drive later) or is that something extra?  I'm looking into an internal DVD-RW, but Not sure if any hardware is included.  I would check myself but this PC is deployed at a different location.

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Not sure about additional mounting hardware, but the optical drive would have to include the matching front bezel in order to match the front of the computer, which most likely will not be included, unless it is incorporated in the knockout cover for the drive bay.

It would probably be a better idea to use an external optical drive instead. Depending on your needs, a slim external USB optical drive will achieve the same functions and transfer speeds as the internal drive that would have been included with your computer. You can also purchase a standard 5.25" internal optical drive and install it in an external enclosure, which you can also connect via USB. The latter will be bulkier, require its own power supply, cost more in total and require some assembly, but would be a better option if you plan on using the optical drive occasionally or want transfer speeds beyond 24x(CD)/8x(DVD).

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Yes it can be done. Made the same oversight myself.  Look here:


This unit does not state that it will fit the 3910 which is the new Inpiron.  Can you verify this for me and email me at< Private Email id removed. TOS76>Dell does not seem to know what works and what does not!  Thank you very much!


Inspiron (spelled wrong) 3910 current model.  Thanks again!

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Was anyone able to get a internal DVD drive to install in the Inspiron 3910 desktop with a bezel ? Just bought a new computer without internal drive 


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