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Inspiron 700m Compatibility

I would like to know if the TEAC DW-224E CR-RW/DVD optical drive is compatible with the Inspiron 700m I currently have the DV-28E and it is burnt out from dust and sand and what not from a deployment. I would like to upgrade but just not sure if it would work out ok.






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Re: Inspiron 700m Compatibility

Is this TEAC free or something?

I buy Dell DVD drives on eBay from a seller with good feedback.

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Re: Inspiron 700m Compatibility

These are the Dell validated drives for the Inspiron 700m -
D9939 24X CDRW/DVD
H9293 24X CDRW/DVD
K5458 24X CDRW/DVD
M5199 8X DVD
J5633 8X DVD+RW
M7704 8X DVD+/-RW

You can call Dell Spare Parts 1-800-357-3355 and ask for the part number for prices and availability. Or simply search the web for the part number.

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