Inspiron E1505 hardrive replacement

I would like to replace my Hard Drive on my Inspiron E1505 it didnt have as much memory as id like but i cannot locate the old HD on the inspiron as i am not used to the Inspiron E1505. If anybody could help me locate and or remove old hardrive i would be extremely gratefull.


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Re: Inspiron E1505 hardrive replacement

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Re: Inspiron E1505 hardrive replacement

The E1505 uses a standard 2.5 SATA hard drive - you can purchase a replacement / upgrade and install it following the instructions posted above. I would recommend a 7200RPM drive if your budget allows.


Western Digital Scorpio WD1600BEVS 160GB 5400 RPM ($89)



Western Digital Scorpio WD2500BEVSRTL 250GB 5400 RPM ($140)



HITACHI Travelstar 7K200 HTS722010K9SA00 100GB 7200 RPM ($99)



Seagate Momentus 7200.2 ST9160823AS 160GB 7200 RPM ($149)




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Re: Inspiron E1505 hard drive replacement

I have a few questions about drive compatibility: 

1. Will the E1505 running XP Media Center support a drive >=120 GB, or is this the max drive size per partition?

2. Will the E1505 support a 3gb/sec interface?  

3. By recommending the HTS722010K9SA00, I would conclude that a drive with a 16mb buffer is not an issue, am I correct?


Reason being, I am looking at the Hitachi HTS722016K9A300 or the HTS722012K9A300 as my first and second choices, respectively.  Alternatively, the HTS722016K9SA00 would be the third choice, and HTS722012K9SA00 as the final choice.   In short, the difference between these drives is that the first two have the 3.0 GB/Sec interface, and the third and fourth only have a 1.5gb/sec interface. 


Seeing the recommended Seagate Momentus Drive, it appears that all three are not an issue, but I wanted to make sure before I made the investment in a replacement drive.  


Also, if I use a 160 GB drive do I have to partition the drive at 120 GB for partition 1 and 40 gb for partition 2? 


Please let me know.



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