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Installing new NVMe M.2 SSD from Dell in Inspiron 5775

Hey folks,

Stepdaughter has the Inspiron 5775 and we just threw in a 16GB RAM card into one slot. Works great, but she also received from her grandfather a 512GB NVMe SSD because I casually mentioned I was going to get her one. I planned on getting her a SATA SSD, not realizing this had an NVMe M.2 slot. Cool, but... we can't get it to work as the bootable drive.

We installed it, allocated and formatted the drive space as E:, and used AOEMI to clone the HDD to the new SSD (there was barely enough space, 12GB left over) and the UEFI does recognize the M.2 drive. We messed around in InsydeH20 a few times to get it to put the SSD in as HDD1, but there isn't an option to actually change the order in the UEFI.

I even disconnected the HDD and tried a typical boot. I probably should have tried selecting the SSD from the boot list, but I would think that if it didn't see the HDD it would just go to the SSD next.

Trouble is, it would only boot from the SSD on a hard boot. On a soft reset from within Windows, it would still boot from the HDD. I turned Secure Boot off and it wouldn't even boot at all when selecting the SSD from the Boot Options. When I turned it back on, it worked, but it went ahead and ran Dell's system check. I've given up.

So I removed all the volumes from E: and probably need to reformat the drive, but for now, how do I get this to work correctly every time? It seems to me that eventually, the old HDD should become Disk 1 and the new SSD should be Disk 0.

Finally, I was told by my father in law (the one who bought this laptop and all the upgrades for her) that this didn't even come with a Windows disk. So I've created a System Restore flash drive just in case. I'm hoping we don't really need to re-install EVERYTHING but if we do then so be it. As much as I would prefer her to have a clean install and learn how to manage her space properly, this just isn't my game. Anyone got good step-by-step instructions for performing this whole thing using InsydeH20 system setup (that's what came with the laptop)?


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How were you able to resolve?  I am having a similar problem.


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