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Iritating ticking in audio while playing dvd

Hey everyone,

I have a small but iritating problem. While i try to play a dvd on my latitude e6500, I always have some interuptions and ticks in the audio.
It seems that the ticks are random. And with a dvd with lots of music, it is worse then with an other.
I think the first time I got the problem was after another problem: my computer doesn't recognize my power adapter.
Also I got one time that vista didn't found my dvd-drive.
I don't know if these problems are related.

Latitude E6500
windows vista bussiness with service pack 1 and all updates
Also all drivers up to date.

I hope that someone is able to help me with solving this problem.



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Re: Iritating ticking in audio while playing dvd

Hi, Thomaat:

All of the drivers for your system can be downloaded from here.

I suggest you uninstall your DVD program, then update your audio drivers to the most current version, then reinstall your DVD program. You should have gotten a disc with PowerDVD or some such program.

Let me know if that helps at all.

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Re: Iritating ticking in audio while playing dvd

Like I said: all drivers are up to date. Also, all dvd-playing software was installed after the update (new versions of the software).
The problem also is when playing in following software:

-powerDVD 9 ultra
-vlc player
-windows media player


The drivers for the DVD-rw station can't bed updated, also latest version.
Other suggestions?

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Re: Iritating ticking in audio while playing dvd

Hi Thomaat4,


The first thing I would check is to make sure your DVD drive is not running in PIO mode.  Your secondary I/O controller should be running UDMA mode.  I don't have time to explain how to fix this but there are plenty of fixes if you google the problem (it is a common problem), and the fix is easy if you can follow instructions.


This can happen if you put excessively scratched or damaged DVDs in your drive and have windows try to read from that DVD for an extended period of time.  Windows will think there's a problem with the Drive and will revert to PIO mode.

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