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Lost factory recovery image

My inspiron laptop came installed with windows 8.1, when windows 10 became available I upgraded it without a single issue, recently I noticed all of my pre installed dell utilities were non functioning even thought they showed themselves as being installed. I went and reinstalled them with no issues with the exception of DBaR. when I installed it said "Updating the PE" now my hdd has 5 recovery partitions. I went to reset it to 8.1 and then reinstall windows 10 no big deal. my factory recover option is now completely gone, all I have is reset windows 10. how can I get my factory recovery partitions restored?

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RE: Lost factory recovery image

Hi John,

Since you have upgraded to Windows 10, I assume you want to run Windows 10. The best solution would be to perform a clean install, rather than reinstall the factory image and upgrade it to 10. Please follow my link below for installing Windows 10 correctly.

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