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Max Hard drive for Precision 450


I have a Precision 450 xenon 2.4ghz with 80 gig hard drive, I would like to add a slave hard drive to increase the capacity, what is the maximum size I can go upto and would appreciate any recommendations as to which manufacturer


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Re: Max Hard drive for Precision 450

Hi DJS68,

I'm looking around and having a hard time finding anything. I found a listing in Craig's list for this model with a 150GB drive (probably 160GB, I would guess). So I'm guessing you can go larger than 137GB (the limit for drives that do not support LBA).

The other thing that's strange is that the service manual appears to show this model having IDE drives, but I'm seeing SATA drives listed on the internet. If your system has SATA ports, then you can go with pretty much any size.

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