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Max space allowed on XPS 400 internal hard drive

I have a Dell XPS 400.  It currently has 160GB of internal hard drive space.  I am looking to upgrade, and see that two slots are available for SATA hard drive space.  What is the maximum space allowed for each SATA hard drive slot?  Some sites say 500GB each, both other sites have different numbers.  Does anyone know?

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Re: Max space allowed on XPS 400 internal hard drive


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Please select the preferred hard drive from the list of hard drives that are compatible with your system. 

The maximum capacity on slot 1 is 500GB and slot 2 is 160GB.

Please let me know for further help.

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Re: Max space allowed on XPS 400 internal hard drive

Begging your pardon, but the list of drives given is only that which Dell originally tested and shipped with the XPS 400.  The computer itself will accept any capacity of 3.5" desktop hard drive presently made, and in either slot.

Your larger problem has to do with how you want to use the hard disk drive, and what operating system you use.  If your computer has Windows XP installed, the largest drive you can install and use is 2 TB, unless you use special software or hardware that allows the use of something larger.  If your computer has Vista or Windows 7 installed, you are still limited to a 2 TB system drive, but a second, data only, drive can be any size.  Vista and Windows 7 can use existing drives larger than 2 TB as data drives by partitioning and formatting the drive using the GPT option.

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