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Merging an existing hdd to Raid 0


I have an Alienware Area 51 ALX , with a Western Digital VelociRaptor 300GB 10,000rpm SATA II w/ 16MB Cache that the main Operating system is installed on.

I then purchased  another exact same drive

I want to merge them both to Raid 0.

In Bios , they are currently as AHCI in BIOS

If I change it in BIOS from AHCI to RAID, will I Iose any data before I have a chance to run the Intel Application Accelerator-Intel Matrix Storage Manager

I am going by this quote , or does this setup require me to have 3 drives instead of 2 drives.

Using the Intel(R) Application Accelerator-Intel Matrix Storage Manager to create RAID volumes.

If you already have one hard drive with the operating system installed on it and you want to add a second hard drive and reconfigure both drives into a RAID volume without losing the existing operating system and any data, you need to use the migrating option. Create a RAID Level 0 volume or RAID Level 1 volume only under the following circumstances:

·  You are adding two new drives to an existing single-drive computer (and the operating system is on the single drive) and want to configure them into a RAID volume.

·  You already have a two-hard drive computer configured into a volume but still have some space left on the volume you want to designate as a second RAID volume.

Creating a RAID Level 0 Configuration

When you perform this operation, all data on the RAID drives is lost.

Set the computer to RAID-enabled mode.
Click Start and point to Programs-Intel(R) Application Accelerator-Intel Matrix Storage Manager to launch the Intel® Storage Utility application.

If you do not see an Actions menu option, you have not yet set the computer to RAID-enabled mode.

On the Actions menu, select Create RAID Volume to launch the Create RAID Volume Wizard, and then click Next.
On the Select Volume Location screen, click the first hard drive you want to include in the RAID Level 0 volume, and then click the right-arrow button.
Click a second hard drive. To add a third hard drive in the RAID Level 0 volume, click the right-arrow button, click the third drive until three drives appear in the Selected window, and then click Next.
In the Specify Volume Size window, click the volume size desired and then click Next.
Click Finish to create the volume, or click Back to make changes.

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Re: Merging an existing hdd to Raid 0

I am pretty sure, just like the message says, you'll lose all data. Dell's server raid controllers (PERC) can change from one raid level to another, but I'm pretty sure that chipset raid (Intel's ICHxR) doesn't include that capability.


I suggest you either back up your whole Windows using an imaging technique, or back up your critical data and prepare for a full re-install.

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Re: Merging an existing hdd to Raid 0

Thanks for the reply

Yeah thats what I just wasn't sure of.

Well I will prepare for a backup, then just try it and see what happens. When I do that I will post back the results.

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