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Monitoring by Dell

Since Dell obviously monitors this forum (they mark a post as Solved when a definitive answer is given), wouldn't it be nice if THEY would actually post an answer to the question being asked.  


Is there some value to them in letting us just flail around in the dark trying to figure out a problem that they could easily answer?


Come on Dell, step up to the plate and give us solutions. 

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Balaji Ramanath
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Re: Monitoring by Dell

The marking of a post as the solution is done by the original poster (in fact, nobody else can do it).  Dell technical support folks do not monitor these forums.  There are a couple of dell community liaisons who act as moderators as well as try to resolve problems people have with Dell tech support or customer service, but most of the technical advice is from user to user, not from dell to user.  And if you think Dell has a bunch of geniuses hidden in its cellars with answers to all the technical questions people come here with, I am sorry I am going to have to disabuse you of that fantasy right now.  Smiley Very Happy  Dell's tech support folks (like pretty much any computer company's tech support folks) are barely competent kids, barely out of college (or worse), who only know how to read from a script (with bad accents, to boot).  Many of them have no real experience with the multitude of systems and configurations that Dell's customers buy and use.  That is probably the prime reason these forums were set up, so that users with real experience and knowledge about what they are talking about can help each other out.

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Re: Monitoring by Dell

OK, now I understand.  However, dell manufactures and markets these computers.  Whether their support staff are idiots or not should not be my concern.  If the product I paid for is not working correctly, why are my only options to pay for an answer or go to the public and hope for an answer?  I'm still waiting for someone to answer my question posted below (D: Drive full).  If the manufacturer and programmers won't answer, who will?
And, yes, I do see that other questions have been asked regarding the 😧 Drive, but the answers have not answered the question I asked.  
Anyone care to help me out? 
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