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My DVDrom stopped reading CDs !!

My Inspiron 6400's DVDrom stopped reading cds but still reading DVDs !!

I have Windows 7 for about 3 months and the DVDrom was working properly till a week ago .. i can't read cds but dvds are read good !

anyone can help me find out whether it is a software problem or I have to buy a new one !

I tried to clean the lense and still have the same problem and I don't think it's a cleaning problem since the dvds are read and it's only CDs which I can't read or open as the DVDrom can't see that there is a cd inside it after the led flashs and sound of the cd is on as if it is going to be opened !

The driver is : TSST crop DVD + - RW TS-L632D ATA Device

and I tried to uninstall and re install it again but in vain..

waiting for any help...


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Re: My DVDrom stopped reading CDs !!

Run the Dell Diagnostics on the drive.  The Diagnostics should be on
your hard drive.  Press F12 at startup while the blue Dell is on the
screen.  This will take you to the boot menu where the Utility Partition
or Diagnostics will be a choice.  Run the Custom Test for the drive
and have a data CD (not music CD) ready for the read test.

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