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My SSD speed is really slow...is it a damaged drive? Need some help!


I have a Samsung SSD PB-22 J drive in my Dell Latitude E6500. At times it is horribly slow (i.e. if I am copying something from a portable drive onto my laptop, or browsing images on my laptop).The same activity on my old regular HD driven notebook is a lot faster.

I ran a diagnostics test in Crystal Disk Mark 3.0 and got the following results:

1 test @ 50MB

Seq: Read: 146.7 MB/s Write: 33.25 MB/s
512k: Read: 123.8 MB/s Write: 11.96 MB/s
4k: Read: 13.59 MB/s Write: 1.68 MB/s

I ran the full Dell Diagnostics test and didn't get any errors, but does the diagnostics test catch slow write speeds?

I am using Windows XP with a 6GB laptop.

Any advice/feedback much appreciated, as it is pretty unbearable to copy anything or install new applications.


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