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New NVIDIA 8400GS CD ROMs stopped working

Hello, Just installed new dispaly card.  Bought from Galatics on Amazon.  Install disk that came with card "denied access" when clicked to install the drivers. Instruction manual onscreen in English but prints in Japaneses (I think).  Downloaded drivers from NVIDIA.  CD dirives will not work.  Can not install new apps/programs.  Went to computer and clicked on the driver.  Immediately got dialogue that windows explorer has stopped working.  Did a factory image restore and re-entered all.  Still same problem.  If I uninstall the NVIDIA drivers, the cd's work butcannot make computer sleep or change screen savers, etc.  Can not find anything on the NVIDIA web site that helps. Anyway to install the NVIDIA drivers and have the cd roms work

Thanks for any help



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Knowing what model system you have would help immensely.  Also - did you remove all the old video drivers before you installed the new card?

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