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New hard drive & recovery partition

I've just purchased a refurbished  Studio Slim, it  came with a very small harddrive. Anyways I need to update the harddrive, to at least a 1 gig drive, I'm wondering how to get the all the "Dell" contents, esp the recovery partition over to the new hard drive. Then I'll copy all my data files over etc. I have approx 600 gig in ITUNES.

Basically just copy everything from the existing drive to the new drive.

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Re: New hard drive & recovery partition


The easiest method, that I prefer, would be to clone the exsisting hard drive to the new one.

For this, you need a imaging utility, similar to Acronis True Image Home 2010

If you buy a retail boxed version of the Seagate/Maxtor hard drive, a copy of Acronis should be included, this can be used only with their drives, or you can download it from Seagate/Maxtor website, you will also find that other hard drive manufacturers have their own free cloning software available.

First, install the new drive as the secondary, image the exsisting C:/ to it. Immediately shut the system down, switch the data cable [SATA port 0] to the new drive, making the new hard drive the master and see if the system boots correctly.

Boot the system with only the new hard drive connected. Remember to leave the original drive disconnected, until the new hard drive is working to your satisfaction.

Before cloning a hard drive, be certain that existing drive has no corruption or virus on it, as these will be transfered to the new hard drive.

A second SATA data cable will be required, there should be a spare SATA power connector inside the case.

A hint:  Read the Acronis manual before imaging the drives.

You can use disk management to partition and format the 'old' hard drive to use as addititional storage, if you so wish.



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