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No CD/DVD Audio on Inspiron 9300

Ello mates,
Pls help. I'm having some trouble with my CD/DVD.
After I reinstalled WindowsXP SP2 and reinstalled all of my drivers on my laptop. Everything seems to be okay except my CD/DVD.
Sound is available on my system when I play MP3s or .avi or anything which is ready on my system. But if I insert a CD or DVD, though there is picture available (DVD), there is no sound at all.
If it was on a Desktop, I'd assume a cable is missing. But this is a laptop. I've been searching the net for hours but couldn't find an answer to this problem.
Anyone who have any idea, pls help!
Thank you for your earliest attentions.

P/s: sorry, I accidentally ticked the "keep this msg at the top of the board list" without understanding what it really meant. I didn't meant it. Pls delete/remove it from the top board for me as I only need 1 msg.. 😞

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Re: No CD/DVD Audio on Inspiron 9300

I have the same problem.  Nobody seems to know the answer.  Did you ever figure it out?
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