Onboard Controller with Working RAID1 C drive set (on Dell) to move to another Dell

Hi - I have a T7500 with a working C drive RAID1 matrix set (consisting of two 2 TB Hitachi Deskstar drives) in a RAID1 configuration (made with the onboard SATA controller) and I would like to move them intact to another identical T7500.  I tried this with another set of drives on another set of Precision Dell computers last year and jumped in thinking it was simple from the manual; but, I was wrong, I wound up forced to break the set and copy one of the drives to an already setup, blank RAID1 set. 

 Manual is not so clear. Does anyone know how to do this?  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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Re: Onboard Controller with Working RAID1 C drive set (on Dell) to move to another Dell

Well the Dell on-board SAT controller fixed it all --- almost all by itself without much help from me.

I got them both inserted as a set into another machine.  AND, since that worked so well I decided to upgrade my Dell 690 to a T7500 also --- and I took another W 7 Ultimate 64b system that was on a C drive consisting of 2 2 TB Hitachi Deskstars (love those drives!) and put them into another T7500.

For details:  Here is the email I sent to the Dell rep who helped me:

Lawrence - This email is to thank you again for your help.
Hearing that there might be a reanalyze/configure option for the on-board SAT controller gave me the confidence that I needed to do this. And, it worked perfectly!

What I did was load the set into the T7500 and turn it on. I used spigots 0 and 1.  On the boot posting I pressed CTRL-C to get to the SAT conctoller,

What (in the SAT controller) I saw was the option to activate the set --- which I did ---- then I resynced them.

W7 U64b came up fine no files lost and a system performing 100%.

Now, wait for this: I decided to try it again with another system (the Dell 690 which I called you on before) to put those two RAID one drives into another T7500 as a set. Again, that worked 100%. and a person named Mary G at Dell told me that it would never work to a different machine.

Lawrence, you may not think you did much, but you did.

Thanks again, Lawrence.

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