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I have a Dimension E310 and we had a recent power outage and interruption to the unit.  The surge protector expired and  went down in flames!  After we replaced the surge protector when power was restored, we try to reboot the system and the SSD was not being detected by the System BIOS.

How do I unlock the drive?  I am presuming that it has protected itself from damage by going into hide mode!

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Hi Masterbuilder7,

I think your SSD is dead. You could try running a hard drive diagnostic utility from a bootable flash drive, but normally if the BIOS does not detect the drive, it's dead.

We only wish that SSDs could protect themselves by going into hide mode!

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You may be ready to learn what an adjacent protector really does.  It can simply give a surge more paths to earth destructively via an adjacent computer.  It does not claim to protect from the other and destructive type of surge.  Anyone can see this by reading its specification numbers.  Most assume 'surge protector' must mean 'surge protection'.  The assumption ignores many completely different devices all called surge protectors.

Disk drives protect themselves by working just fine after a surge.  All electronics contain a degree of surge protection.  Best protection for a computer is inside its power supply.  That adjacent protector can compromise (bypass) that protection.  Something completely different (called a 'whole house' protector) would have provided protection you desired.

Only using speculation, that disk drive has been damaged.  Hardware diagnostic is clearly a best suggestion.

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