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Partitioning with Dell Laptop


I need to create a partition with PM8 on my new(ish) dell laptop.  In order for me to create one, I have to erase one (because apprarently, you cannot have more than 4 partitions).  I've been informed that Dell creates a partition called "Media Direct" but that it is hidden from view.  Can anyone help me locate this "hidden partition" so that I can erase it and create a new partition?



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Re: Partitioning with Dell Laptop

Click on Start, Run and type the following and hit ENTER:


You can delete the partition(s) there, but the Dell partition is probably very small anyway.

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Re: Partitioning with Dell Laptop

I hope you haven't gone ahead and deleted the Dell partitions.

You need to read up on partitions.  http://en.kioskea.net/contents/repar/partitio.php3

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