Power Connection for upgraded RW DVD

Hi All:

I own a Optiplex 755 SFF with a CD ROM (TS-L162) and I am trying to upgrade the drive to a WR DVD (TS-L633).  I'm a novice at this but I think the old CD Rom uses an IDE connection to the drive itself.  However, there is a small circuit board attached to the back of the old drive that converts the connection.  Attached to this small board are two cables.  One a small three wire power connection with the lable P5 on the plug itself.  The data cable has a part lable of HH942REV:A00 OK.

The data cable fits into the connectors on the back of my new WR DVD Drive, but the power cable is a totally diferent type of connection.  I suppose thats to keep jug heads like me from frying the hardware with the wrong power specs.

Can anyone tell me if there is a power connection converter out there I can use or am I stuck with the old CD ROM?

Thanks for your help.


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Re: Power Connection for upgraded RW DVD

Hi Optiplex 755 user,

The drive is SATA but this model uses a slim drive, so the connectors are not standard SATA. You can see how the connectors are supposed to go here.

NOTE: The power and data cables for the slimline optical drive installed in your computer are configured in one of two ways as illustrated below.


optical drive


data cable


power cable

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Re: Power Connection for upgraded RW DVD


Thanks you for getting back to me.  Yes these two diagrams illustrate how the drives I am working with look exactly.  The one on the right is the old one and the one on the left is what I am trying to upgrade to.  The data cable (labled as #2 in both diagrams) connects fine to the new drive.  However, the power cable in the right diagram (my old drive) does not fit the drive (depicted on in the left diagram).  Since I cannot find another SATA Power connection on the machine I think I am stuck with converting the existing power cable (again the one illustrated in the right diagram) into one that will fit the reseptical on the new drive (illustrated on the left).

So my question is where do I get a converter for the cable connector that fit the old drive to one that will fit the new drive?  I spent several hours last night looking on line and coundnt find one.  Does such a thing even exist?  If not am I stuck with buying a new SATA type power cable stippng one end and attaching it inside the Power Source?  

Thanks again for your help.

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