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Precision T3610 wont boot past RAID after second hard disk install

Hi there,

I recently bought a T3610, Hex Xeon, 32gb ram with a 240gb SSD. I successfully did a clean install of Windows 10 and things were going smoothly. I bought a 4tb Seagate SATA3 6gb/s drive and installed this into HDD1 (SSD is on HDD0). This seemed to work ok.

I updated the drivers (storage controller, BIOS) and now the machine will not boot past the Rapid Storage screen on bootup. It does recognise both hard disks on that page, but will not pass it.

I've tried BIOS settings reset, tried setting drive mode to ATA, AHCI. I've reset the CMOS (via the jumper) and no luck at all. If i take out the second hard drive though - it has no problems booting as normal!

Does anyone have any ideas?


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