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Problem booting Dimension 8400 from cdrom

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with 2 160 GB raid hd's.

I set the Bios Boot sequence to boot from the usb cdrom drive first, then the usb drive, and then the hard drive.

I can't get the Bios to boot from the cdrom. I would like to install Fedora Linux on an external usb hd.

I am wondering if I need a multiboot os program?

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Re: Problem booting Dimension 8400 from cdrom

Hi, tlcoons_1:

First, make sure you are booting from the top drive, which is the master in a two optical drive system.

In the boot priority list, try removing all devices other than the CD drive. Then try booting again. You'll get the "no boot disk" error, but just keep hitting F1 to try again. If this disc is bootable, it will eventually work. You can verify that it's the disc, not the drive, by trying your XP reinstallation disc.

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