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Problems Replacing Main Hard Drive

I have a XPS600 produced in September 2006 in which the hard drive has failed.  I am trying to install a new main hard drive using the recovery CD and can make it all the way through the Windows installation process only to be met by a blue screen warning me to remove any new hard drives when it reboots.  After reading a lot of the posts and other information, it seems that I am missing the step of installing motherboard drivers for the new hard drive.  At this point, I have two questions:

1. Does anyone know what brand name and model motherboard Dell used in their XPS600 computers in 2006?

2. If I am not on the right track in getting this resolved, can anyone point me in the right direction?  I already paid Dell $49 for a call that resulted in the tech telling me I need to borrow a copy of Windows XP from a friend.

Oh, by the way, I am trying to install a Seagate SATA 500 GB Barracuda HDD to replace my old (and dead) WD 160GB HDD.  The drive has passed all tests and I can see it in the set up menu.


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Re: Problems Replacing Main Hard Drive

Hi, Po:

The "motherboard drivers" you need would be in downloads under chipset drivers.

Here is the complete reinstallation procedure for XP on your machine. This includes a description of how to install the drivers and in what order.

Also, since it appears you lost your XP and other discs, go here to request a replacement set.

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Re: Problems Replacing Main Hard Drive

Hi Potato 0930, I dont know if this applies to you, no harm in having an look. HERE


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