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Re: Dell system Restore on 8400

That though is the problem that I am having. I do not get a black screen with the Dell Logo in the top blue bar. I do get a Dell splash screen with a big Dell logo in the middle but Ctrl-F11 doesn't work with this either.

As far as I am aware the previous owner of this machine has not done anything that would remove the Dell restore utility. I don't think he did much more than install a few games.

What is not clear is that the knowledge base article at

says that one of the reasons that it could become unusable is "Adding a second hard drive and setting up a RAID configuration on systems with SATA controllers" but this suggests adding a drive and setting up RAID it does not mention if having RAID preinstalled by Dell would cause problems.

If it is necessary I don't mind reinstalling Windows from scratch but since this most certainly will destroy the restore utility I would like to investigate other options first.

Thanks for your response.

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