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Re-use a poweredge 830 with Perc 4/SC

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I ask for some help through your accumulated wisdom?

I have inherited a Poweredge 830 with Perc 4/SC and 2 X 146 GB Ultra320 disks (Fujitsu) configured as raid-1. Running Win Server 2003. It has now finished its original duties and I would like to reuse it with a more modern OS, probably Win Server 2012. I already have 6 GB memory for it.

However, I can't find win server 2012 drivers for the Perc 4/SC, and it looks as tho' it is not supported. Might it be possible to find such drivers?

I am very happy to change the Perc card for another, but i'd like to reuse the disks, if possible. Ideally RAID-1'ed, but not necessarily.

So the question boils down to this. Can you suggest a replacement SCSI Ultra320 card (so as to be compatible with the HDDs) that

1) is compatible with Win Server 2012

2) is compatible with Poweredge 830 (PCI-X 64-bit 133MHz, or PCI 32-bit 133MHz)

3) may (in an ideal world) be Raid-1'ed

All suggestions and ideas gratefully accepted.

Thank you, all,


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