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Recommending a DVD Burner

I have a Dell XPS 420 desktop with a internal DVD Burner, TSSTcorp HH SATA 16X DVD+-RW TS-H653B. The faulty DVD drive is a conventional tray-load 16X DVD+/-RW burner, with 12X DVD+/-R dual layer write capabilities. The DVD burner does not spin DVD anymore, and I need your help in recommending a new DVD Drive to replace it. I would appreciate any help and assistance given to me.

I am looking for a medium-high quality tray-load internal DVD burner. It should also burn DVD+R Dual Layer disc, and should be equivalent or better than my old optical drive. It should not be too expensive, but it should be of medium-high quality that it should last several years of normal usage. Yes, I know that there is no such thing as eternally long-lasting DVD burner, but it should not be easily spoilt like low-quality optical drives.

1. Which internal DVD Burner is suitable for my desktop? Do all 5.25-inch DVD burner in the market have the same size (length x width x height)? My old one is 170 mm x 148 mm x 42 mm. The front part of the tray has to be flat, because the drive will be placed behind the drive panel. When the tray of the DVD drive is ejected, the tray will push open the insert of the drive panel.

2. My hard disk is of SATA 2 type, although the old optical drive utilizes SATA 1 connection. Does that mean that I can use SATA 2 type DVD burner?

3. Can the suggested DVD burner burn double-sided DVDs?

4. Based on the current prices, is it affordable now to purchase a Blu-ray Combo, or even a Blu-ray Writer? I means that if it is not affordable now, then the price will keep on decreasing in the near future. After all, I believe that the price of DVD burner is pretty much stabilized. Should I buy a Blu-ray Combo, instead of a DVD-RW burner?

5. Is there minimum computer requirement to fully support Blu-ray optical drives?

Thank you for your suggestion, guys. Smiley Happy

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Re: Recommending a DVD Burner

Retail versions of Blueray Burners are in the $99 to $199 area. By the time you buy ROXIO or NERO for $99

you could have spent about as much.  I tend to buy the LG retail drives with Cyberlink software and burning software.

I/O Magic IBD1 14x Internal Blu-ray Disc Rewriter

Bare drives are really cheap now.

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Re: Recommending a DVD Burner

Hi alvinkhorfire,

To answer your other questions,

1. Yes, all "desktop" (5.25") drives have the same dimensions.

2. Yes, SATA connectors are all the same.

3. All newer DVD burners can write to double-layer DVD discs (I think you mean DL, not double sided).

There are utilities online that can evaluate your hardware to see if it supports blu ray.

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RE: Recommending a DVD Burner

I need your help in deciding which Blu-ray burner to buy, since only these burners are available in local stores near my home. Well, I need it to burn BD-R, DVD-R and CD-R discs.

1.Pioneer BDR-207EBK 12X SATA

Lite-On iHBS312-33 12x Blu-ray burner

Asus 12x Blu-Ray+RW burner

Which Blu-ray burner is the best?

2. How can I determine whether the Blu-ray burner can support BD-XL format? Sometimes, the specification in the website does not contain such detail.

Thank you for the advice, guys. Smiley Happy

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RE: Recommending a DVD Burner

Hi Alvinkhorfire,

The Pioneer drive supports BDXL. That would be my recommendation.

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