Replace Dell Dimension E310 DVD-RW

My Philips DVD+-RW DVD8801 DVD-RW Drive in my Dell Dimension E310 has stopped working. Apparently, this drive has failed for several people. I want to replace it with a drive that uses LightScribe disc-labeling technology. Do I need a separate software program to use LightScribe disc-labeling technology or is the drive all I need. Can anyone recommend a DVD-RW Drive with LightScribe for burning DVDs. I think I also need to increase my RAM...Thanks for any suggestions...

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Re: Replace Dell Dimension E310 DVD-RW

Hi Kmrand03,

You need an IDE DVD burner. They're all pretty much the same. If you buy a Lightscribe burner, it will come with software.

With respect to RAM, I can't suggest anything unless you tell me what you've got now.

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