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Replacement drive in RAID, will any drive do?


We have a server that has Cheetah 15.7K drives .

Dell offers thoose for 2.970 SEK ~312€ fully assembled. From a retailer i can get the same disk for 2399 SEK ~252€ .

Is there a problem to buy the disk from another place? Does dell put some special firmware in these disks?

Or can I get another disk with the same performance? 


I checked in OMSA and saw that the newest drives we got from Dell was HUS156060VLS600, not seagate disks.

So the question is: Will any SAS 600GB 15.7K disk work?

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I recommend getting the exact drive that failed. Other brands can work in RAID setups together, however due to firmware differences they may cause a time consuming complication down the line that will require a complete RAID array rebuilding. I would buy the same Cheetah 15.7K drives to limit the variation in the firmware between all four drives.


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