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Replacement of HDD


I purchased Dell inspiron 14z ultrabook laptop from US one month back. I brought it to India and opened it on Aug 16th 2012.

I used the brand new laptop for only few hours. The next day motning I got a message that ' BOOTMGR Missing" Press Ctrl + Alt+ Del to restart. From that day I am called dell customer care in India about 10 times. But My problem was not solved. Then I took it to Service center in India at Mumbai He checked for 2 days and he told me that there is a hard drive problem and hard drive need to replace. He ordered for new HDD and today he told me that this laptop need sleek model hard drive. whcih was not avilable in India So he will check with the normal hard drive and will inform me.

But I was fed up with this laptop. I lost faith on Dell company.......  Brand new laptop which I didnt even use few hours was stuck in service center from last week....   I am really worrying that I did a mistake by buying a Dell laptop......

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Re: Replacement of HDD

The mistake was in buying a system not sold where you intended to use it -- not with the hardware itself.

Hard drives do fail - regularly - even when they're brand new.

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Re: Replacement of HDD

In fact if you look at percentage of failure of hard drives over time it's a "U-curve"...     There's about a 2-3% failure rate in the first few months, then it drops for a period of about 4 years, then it starts to clime again.  

Also remember that Dell didn't build the hard drive.  They probably sourced it from WD or Seagate, which is the same companies that HP/Lenovo/Apple all buy from too.  

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