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RE: Replacing Hard Drive message "Your hard drive size is not supported for this process."

Hi Jayworm,

The solution is to use a Windows disc from Dell to reinstall the operating system manually. You may have to call to order one.

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RE: Replacing Hard Drive message "Your hard drive size is not supported for this process."

Hello Friends,

I ran into some different problem. I have a dell ultrabook 14z 5423 with 32GB SSD and 500GB HDD. I created backup recovery disks initially. Suddently windows got corrupted and i this my SSD is dead. I am trying to recover through disks but it says "your hard drive size in not supported for this process it says Please use a hard drive at least GB in size". Can anyone tell me what is the resolution to it please?

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Re: Replacing Hard Drive message "Your hard drive size

Did anybody in Dell actually try this recovery in the Real World? How un-user friendly can this be?

I can't believe this is happening. The PC came with a 2 TB drive that just died. I never went past 500GB, so I purchased a 1 TB, opened it up (PLENTY OF ROOOOOOOM to install Windows as if it came out of the box from the factory) but nooooooo, I get a message saying the drive has to be at least 1863 GB in size.  Really? I assume Dell is trying to Cover themselves in case somebody needs 2 TB, but why not warn that it might not fit and give the option to just reinstall Windows? Certainly, it can be detected that 1 TB is enough space to install Windows.

I'm kicking myself for spending $40 on 1TB when I could have purchased 4 TB for $100, but I don't need that much space. Now, i'll be spending the money anyway.  Also, based on other comments I am not confident that a 2TB+ drive would even work, so do I go waste money on that. Sure, I can purchase and wait for the install discs, but of course the hard drive died right when I need to make a deadline.

Tried to use the Dell OS Recovery Tool (https://www.dell.com/support/contents/us/en/04/article/Product-Support/Self-support-Knowledgebase/so...) but it says there is no OS available for my PC. I assume because it was purchased Dec 2012 and either is no longer supported or was created before this tool came into existence. I am left with the only option of ordering the install discs.

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