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Replacing an old drive

I have a Dimension 4600 someone gave me. Replaced the OS with Linux and it runs fine, but the 150 gig disk has bad sectors and is a bit small. Can I replace it with a 3.5 Seagate Barracuda 1TB drive? I think it will fit; what I'm asking is can the motherboard and power supply handle it?

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Re: Replacing an old drive

Yes. However I find the SATA ports on the 4600 to be flaky.  I use IDE to SATA Bridge and use ATAPI instead of SATA DRIVES.  Thats just personal preference based on bad experience.

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Re: Replacing an old drive

Yes on both your questions. SATA 150 is backwardly-compatible with the new SATA drives, and the new drives most likely use less, not more power than the OEM units.

I had a 2350, an older model than your 4600, working quite nicely with a 2tb Barracuda.

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