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SDD & no AHCI (supposedly??) Will it work - pls help? (Studio 540)

I have a Dell 540 Studio, with the latest BIOS. (Motherboard: 0M017G A00) 

I just bought a Corsair Force3 120gb SSD to use as a primary drive together with data storage on the existing SATA HDD (WD 640gb 7200rpm). 

I have not connected it up yet, but some forums seem to indicate there is no AHCI option on this motherboard / BIOS

Will a SSD work, & if so what option do I need to select, assuming there is no AHCI? I assumed my motherboard would have this option.

Or can I enebale AHCI through Windows drivers / registry tweaks? (or is this needed in addition to enabling it in the BIOS?

Or am I wasting my time with an SSD on this system?

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Re: SDD & no AHCI (supposedly??) Will it work - pls help? (Studio 540)

Dell's support seems to say I must set it as Raid.

Should I do this for both the SSD & secondary HDD?

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Re: SDD & no AHCI (supposedly??) Will it work - pls help? (Studio 540)

AHCI is not required for an SSD to work.  It may not run at optimal speed however.

Some SSD vendors require AHCI mode for firmware updates.

The INTEL 320/520 Series does not.

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