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SSD Solid State Drive Failed

My Intel SSD 540S Serives 480GB drive failed. (Model SSDSC2KW480H6)

It died in an old Dell D830 but I not think this is relevant. I have unplugged a working second drive in my Dell desktop and plugged this is and it is not recognized in Windows Exploroer or Disk Management. When I plug it in as a second drive the desktop will not even boot up. I hot plugged it in after the desktop booted up. I tried using an Apricorn USB - SATA converter in several machines and sometimes an F: drive will flash for a second, but then go away. I tried the freezer trick, plugging in the power for 30 minutes, data cable for 30 seconds, then power cable again for 30 minutes and this would not revive it. This Intel drive is less than 2 years old!  Any suggestions other than taking my backup disk with all my personal data and giving it to a recovery center?

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