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SSD on a Dell 530s?



I've searched this forum and haven't found something to convince me whether it's a good idea to opt for a SSD drive on a Dell slim line desktop model 530s.

It has the 0RY007 motherboard, G33 Intel with Bios 1.0.18.

I'm trying to upgrade this quite old desktop and holding to invest in a new one by spending some money on key parts such as RAM and HDD.

The G.Skill 60gb came down in price quite a lot and am thinking about replacing the main hdd with this sdd. Does anyone know if this will work or am I pusing it with such new technology as the SSD and such old desktop?


Thank you!

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Re: SSD on a Dell 530s?

If your motherboard supports sata devices then it would be a worthwhile upgrade. If your motherboard only supports pata hardware then I wouldn't bother.

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Re: SSD on a Dell 530s?

Thanks, Bacillus!

From the specs I think it'll run SATA II as a maximum, at least as reported by SiSoft's Sandra utility.

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Re: SSD on a Dell 530s?

I don't have a clue about compatability but with XP there are lots of services you want to turn off.

Otherwise the drive will be written to too many times.

XP embedded has the Delayed Write Filter.

No Swapping,  No Hybernate,  No Prefetch.


Vista has something called TRIM but not all SSD's support that.

Windows likes to Write SSD's to death.

Windows XP and Vista and 7 now horde files in Windows\WinSxS

OCZ has a lot of hints.

Making XP pro SSD friendly

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Re: SSD on a Dell 530s?

Speedstep, you're making a very valid point, unlike the HDD's, the SSD's have a limited amount of data that can be written onto them.

I'll take that into consideration and bookmark that great guide, I really appreciate it, thank you!

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