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Sandisk 1.8" SSD 5000 32GB firmware 2.13 increases performance

Hi, I have the Sandisk SSD 5000 32GB in my Latitude D430 and find that the write performance is pretty bad. I have found a new update that will greatly increase it and would really help but Sandisk will only release the firmware to OEM's. Here is a link to what I am talking about from Sandisk: http://apac.sandisk.com/Assets/File/OEM/Manuals/pu/ssd/PCN-54-34-00013_SSD_UATA_5000_18.pdf . Dell, if you could please obtain this firmware and post it on the firmware support download page this would be great for all who have purchased your product. The whole point of SSD is for faster speeds and at it's current state it is pretty slow. This much needed firmware update would make things much snappier.

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