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Saving files from a crashed HD

My Vostro 1000 will not boot up, I keep getting the BSOD with an UnMountable Boot Volume error message.  I've tried starting it in safe mode and get the same result.  I've tried changing the BIOS to boot from the CD and inserted the Original Win XP CD but it doesn't do anything but go to the same BSOD.

What I really want is to retrieve my files.  I've tried installing the HD in an enclosure and connecting it to 2 different computers but although they both recognize the device, when I highlight it they cannot read it and ask me to format the drive.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how I might retrieve my files?  Thank you for your help with this.

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RE: Saving files from a crashed HD

Hi JT1981,

You'll need to search for file recovery software. It really depends on the nature of the failure as to whether you'll be able to recover your files.

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