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Seagate SAS drive SMART fail, Fails long DST, fixall then Passes long DST

Hello Friends,

I have a failing ST4000NM0043 SAS drive.  I started receiving warnings about the drive a week or so ago, so I removed it from service.  Out of curiosity, I went through the trouble of making the drive visible to Seagate Seatools.  The drive failed the long drive fitness test, as I expected it to.  Seatools recommended running a fix all command on it, which I did, now the drive passes the long drive fitness test?  

If I use smartctl, it still reports: SMART Health Status: DATA CHANNEL IMPENDING FAILURE GENERAL HARD DRIVE FAILURE  [asc=5d, ascq=30]

Obviously, I'm not going to use the drive, but I am curious - is the passing of the DFT suggesting that the drive should be suitable for use?

Second question:

Also, the drive has fairly low hours on it, but a lot of start/stop cycles due to the nature of this particular array's usage profile.  It is only accessed a few times a day, but power is applied 24/7.  It has 25K hours and shows Accumulated start/stop cycles: 6633.  The drive (and all the drives in this array) show a specified cycle count over the device lifetime to be 10,000.  I didn't realize the start/stop lifetime was so low - I think I thought the load/unload lifetime was what mattered.  Are these drives more likely to fail before 5 years (what I projected them to last) due to my spinning them up and down 6 times a day as opposed to keeping them spinning from 6:00pm until 8:00am, which is when they are in use?

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