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Sound distortion while playing music cds

Hi!  I have an Inspiron E1705 with the TSST-L532B DVDRW and sygmatel audio.  It plays DVD and pc sounds just fine but when you try to play a music cd the sound is very distorted...videos and songs played from the internet also sound great.  Its just music cd's.  Any help would be great i have been working on this for 6 days...updated drivers, firmware played with the volume....nothing works.

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Re: Sound distortion while playing music cds

Hi, pschaff:

What program are you using to play music CDs? Just for kicks, try Foobar and see if it does the same thing. That will tell us if it's the program or the drive.

It would be worth checking if your drive is running in PIO mode, as shown here. However, this usually also causes DVDs to play poorly, so I'm not sure that's the problem.

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