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Total frustration burning DVD-R's!! Help!!

Have a Dell Studio 1737..comes with WMP, WMC, Vista, also have Media Player Classic, and have ROXIO Creator 10.5..have klite full running...can burn CD-R's with no problems in WMP..but when I burn a DVD-R in Vista (meaning I go to the video file and hit the burn icon in the top left hand side) the dvd will not finalise automatically and will not prompt me to do so..I have to hunt around for the option to finalise disc..after I do that the disc will ,play in WMP with no problems but will not play in WMC, Media Player Classic or in my DVD player which supports all these formats...I need to burn a disc for a client who wil play it in his DVD player at home maybe on his computer but I want to be able to give him the option to play disc in either..does Klite have anything to do with this problem? Do I need to tweak settings? Also my home DVD player states that all DVD-R's have to "finalise the disc using a DVD-recorder" in order to play in the system! Has anyone had this problem? Has anyone used the Roxio Creater to burn Video? I find it very confusing! Any input would be very much appreciated!

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Re: Total frustration burning DVD-R's!! Help!!

You are confusing burning files to a DVD-R with authoring a video DVD. A video DVD that can be played in a standalone DVD player has very specific directory and file requirements. If you look at the files on any movie DVD you have around, you'll see what I mean.

There are some DVD players that can play DivX and other video files, but this depends on the DVD player.

The quick and dirty way is to create a data DVD in Roxio which will burn and finalize the DVD-R. Give the disc to your client, and tell him/her to double-click on the file on the disc and hope that his/her computer have the codecs to play the file.

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