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Trouble getting Windows 7 to recognize 4TB HDD.

I have problems installing 4TB RAID HDDs on XPS 8300.

New Hard drives are Seagate ST4000DM000 

After installing a fresh copy of Windows 7 64-bit  SP1 and performing all security updates, I try to install Intel Rapid Storage Technology as suggested by previous posts.  When I install it, I reboot and it detects my new hard drive, but must reboot a 2nd time.  After the 2nd time I reboots, it is unable to start and I try to do a system repair using the Windows 7 install disk which fails.

Meanwhile i would like to install A07 on my BIOS as I believe it would allow for UEFI, which is required for making the hard drive bootable in GPT.  I have followed these instructions, but I don't know what / if I should use a USB Flash installation of the ROM file, and if I should Flash it, which Flash program I should use.  (Current BIOS is A06 and the Dell Executable detects the BIOS as not needing updating, even though an A07 is available)

Current A06 sees 2 4000GB hard drives, but there doesn't appear to have any option to boot in UEFI mode.  RAID bootup screen always shows a 1.6 TB hard drive.

Any help or suggestions is appreciated.

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7- Thorium

RE: Trouble getting Windows 7 to recognize 4TB HDD.

Hi Ichabodcrane,

You cannot run Windows 7 with a 4TB boot drive.

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