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Trying to install a new DVD burner

I am trying to install a new dvd burner in my Dimension 4700. It came with dual dvd burners but one of them went out. I bought a little cheap emprex one but when I tried to install it, I noticed that the connections aren't the same. I looked on the box to see if there were any kind of notes saying that it was a particular type of drive but alas there was nothing. My question is: Do I need to take that DVD burner back and get one that matches my current DVD burner, or is there some sort of adapter I can purchase? Please help.




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Re: Trying to install a new DVD burner

Hi, Arthur:

Your system takes IDE optical drives. Return this drive and get an IDE drive.

Let me suggest you buy a different brand. Saving a few bucks on a cheap generic brand will cost you later.

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Re: Trying to install a new DVD burner


I am not Arthur but thought i could tag along your email exchange. I am first time computer user and i can not work out if my computer has DVD/CD wrter functionality. I have found from the help/support centre that my system is Del  DV051 and has Dimension on the box. Could you help confirm as i intend to store some data on a DVD.




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Re: Trying to install a new DVD burner

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You reallly ought to have started your own thread to ask that question, but hey ho.


I'd be very surprised if it isnt a DVD writer, but to confirm it... Open Control Panel --> Device Manager, and click on 'DVD/CD-ROM Drives'. 

It'll mention the model number, then (i.e.) DVD+-RW ATA device?


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