Unable to write to verbatim 16x DVD-R discs using TS632D 8x burner


I recently upgraded my Latitude D610 optical drive to a TSL632D DVD dual layer 8x burner, I am trying to burn video files onto my stock of Verbatim 16x DVD-R single layer discs the symbol at the lower edge of the disc has the DVD-R image under this R4.7 and below this 16x/1x which leads me to believe that the media is suitable for burning at 8x speed on this 8x burner drive.

When I try to burn the disc the process stops and tells me that the " the write speed for the recordable disc is either too fast or too slow for your CD or DVD burner. Insert a recordable disc that has a different write speed, and then try again"

I have tried setting the burn speed to 8x and to 4x but both fail with the above message.

Is there anyway to get this 8x drive to burn onto these 16x discs which I believe to be 1x to 16x media based on the info given above? 

I am running Windows 7 and was trying to burn using windows explorer not any other program (which I don't have on this laptop) selected to create a mastered copy (the option to use as a USB/Flash stick doesn't work presumably because this is meant for RW discs)

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: Unable to write to verbatim 16x DVD-R discs using TS632D 8x burner

Hi Richard,

Yes, you should be able to do this. My suggestion would be to try a third party program, such as ImgBurn (free).

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