Vostro 1510 - Help me please, my CD/DVD drive won't burn DVD's

Well, this is prety sad, my laptop it's brand new (I've got it just for 2 weeks) and I can't copy DVD's in my DVD+-RW drive.


It works with CD's, but I don't know what happened to the DVD. The first time I turn it on, my laptop shows me an error message, and I update it from Windows Vista Basic to Ultimate, it work very well for a couple of days, untill I needed to burn a DVD, then I realize that operation can't be finished, and I don't know why...


I followed all the "tutorials" in the web site, but nothing worked, and every time I tried to contact with the Technichal support, it's too late to contact them in my native languaje (spanish doesn't have 24/7 support), and in english it's a litle bit difficult to explain what's going wrong with my laptop...


The Drive name is (according to system information) Optiarc DVD+-RW AD-7640A ATA Device


Anyone, please...

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